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Scalable, Multi-Channel Engagement Platform Driven by Real Data, Customized Strategy, and Full Automation.

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Reach The People Who Matter Most
Reaching the right people at the right time is the key to building a successful network. Our market-leading email sourcing and sequencing helps you directly reach the people that matter the most.

Smarter Lead Generation
Our proprietary lead generation technology means you attract intelligent, professional, and high-value prospects. Our technology is compatible with all your favorite data sources.

Real-Time Data
Our Premium Leads application generates reports on actionable improvements to help you drive continuous growth and maximize efficiency.

Verified Lead Information
Data enrichment collects accurate contact information, meaning we verify every new prospect to ensure you do not miss any opportunities.


Sequential cadences allow automated, perfectly timed follow-ups for your direct messages and most subtle touchpoints.

Real-time Inbox with Detailed Profile Info
& Advanced Labeling

How It Works!

Featuring a Seamless Interface Designed for Easy Use & Developed for Sustainable Client Success
Create an Unlimited Number
of Hyper-Focused Campaigns

Set Up is Easy

Register a new Premium Leads account and start creating your first campaign immediately. Share information about your business and lead generation goals to optimize the efficiency of your campaigns.

Target Data-Enriched Leads

Any version of Linkedin is compatible with our application. You can also use ZoomInfo, Crunchbase, or other profile URL sources to define hyper-focused groups of decision-makers.

Get Sales

Multiple touchpoints make you visible to even the busiest of prospects. Once a campaign goes live, prepare to start generating hot leads as early as day one.

Analyze Reports

Our App lets you see who opened your emails and clicked your links as well as insights on how your target audience prefers to engage. Through detailed reports and valuable metrics, It's designed to help you make better decisions on approaching your sales objectives.

Remote Sales Engagements!

Find your most engaged prospects and target audience using reports

Verified Leads

A seamless and personalized sales engagement strategy is more critical than ever. As the business world shifts to working with remote teams, an automated outreach strategy will ensure that you stay at the top of your game. ‍

Successful report working includes...
  • Give your prospect more than you take
  • Network vertically and horizontally
  • Use your existing connections
  • Foster online communication
  • Implement a bulletproof outreach strategy ‍
Our Premium Leads App will set you up for success in the remote business world.

You get a constant flow of new prospects at your fingertips. Our technology allows you to achieve a perfect automation strategy so team members can start closing deals anywhere, anytime.
Find Your Most Engaged Prospects & Target Audiences Using Reports
Find The Best Talent & Grow Teams Easily
Premium Leads helps HR & talent acquisition teams build highly effective talent funnels without static job postings.

Find Qualified Talent

Find your ideal candidates based on your precise requirements. We support both remote staffing and in-office hiring.

Connect & Engage

Use powerful automation to send multi-channel messages to start the conversation and build new relationships with potential candidates.

Track & Improve

Use data from reports to optimize talent funnels, retarget candidates, and grow engagement.

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"In 6 months I've added +$15M in Annual Contract Value, and recruited 3 senior executives to my remote team using the Premium Lead platform"


“I have closed +$75k in new business using this platform - it has changed the way I book meetings and engage prospects!"

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